Jojo's All Star Collection: Josuke (Jojolion)

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8th entry, and the last Jojo, in the Jojo's All Star Collection, inspired by the manga series Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, from Hirohiko Araki.

This is based on Josuke Higashikata, from part 8: Jojolion. It has the wind star and the anchor, as its part 4 counterpart. The color has been difficult to decide, since there are few colored artworks of him, with variations.

This part is more about mistery than actual battles, and doesn't have as many allies as the previous parts. And I don't like calling him "Josuke", because he's very different from the one from Diamond is unbreakable, one of the most popular Jojos.

Please give a like and comment if you like my desings. If I get to 100 likes in total, I will make more designs, based on the antagonists.

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