Spinner Keychain

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Keychains and spinners are cool gadgets. why not combine them in a single object? 

you will need 2 M3 screws (long enought to hold all your keys), 2 M3 self-locking nuts and two 5x10x4mm bearings  (You can find bearings here).

Design Files

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tentacles b.stl
3.38 MB
spider a.stl
749 KB
plane b.stl
589 KB
lines a.stl
4.46 MB
circles a.stl
2.82 MB
circles b.stl
2.77 MB
cross a.stl
636 KB
david a.stl
843 KB
david b.stl
801 KB
finger pad.stl
361 KB
lines b.stl
4.1 MB
plane a.stl
632 KB
rose a.stl
658 KB
1.08 MB
symbol a.stl
3.19 MB
tentacles a.stl
5.7 MB


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