Bodies of Land and Watter


This didactic material is intended to help visually impaired kids learn what are the different kinds of bodies of land and water. Kids 4 years old and up can pick up this shapes, and by running their fingers through their surface, discover the types of coastlines and their names. With the help of a teacher, this 3d printed material can make the learning process a lot faster and natural, compared to the traditional 2d drawings and schematics used in classrooms. Additionally, thanks to the CC license, anyone in the world can download this files and start using them to teach. Many tests were made to get the right textures and sizes for the water and coastlines, so they are easy to recognize through touch and sight. This means that this material can work for everyone, as having a physical model of any concept makes it easier to understand, specially if more senses than only sight are engaged. Additionally the pieces fit together and can be arranged into a small map in various ways, in order to let the kids creativity fly freely and have fun while learning.

Design Files

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