Pulley With 608 bearings

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Summary The model here contains the basic pieces necessary to create a simple, double rope pulley. The point of this is to give thorough demonstration on the force of gravity along with friction. This also helps to give a firm understanding on how the pulley helped innovate society. Enjoy! Print Settings Printer: DaVinci 1.0 AIO Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: Any resolution will work. Infill: 100% Notes: Watch out for layer separation. This will extremely weaken parts. If using ABS always account for shrinkage and avoid warpage. Post-Printing Post printing If printed in ABS, an acetone vapor bath will strengthen parts. This is not necessary but its a nice added touch. I advice you do NOT do the acetone vapor bath procedure any where near students. How I Designed This Design I designed this using Tinkered, Meshmixer, and 123D.



Overview and Background Introduction The purpose of this is to help students understand the concept of transference of energy and the effects of friction on a stationary object. This is a hands on activity that will help students grasp an understanding of scientific concepts. Feel free to add any extra information about the action of the pulley and its effects during the lesson. Lesson Plan and Activity Experiment Set up the pulley. Have each student pull on the rope. Do it once with bearing and once with out. They will be able to see the difference. Explain that the bearing reduces friction which makes it easier for them to move the pulley. The depth of explanation depends on grade level. ( it is necessary to add a very light weight to the end of the rope so there is some sort of tension on the rope. Materials Needed Materials As for materials all you need is two 608 bearings, some rope, and a counterweight for the rope. ( Of course a printer to create these parts )

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