Anet A2 2020 gusset table mount

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Summary I love the Tevo 2020 cross frame brace made by Radem (thing:1657193) , but in order for me to use it on the Anet A2 I needed to make room for the metal brackets the A2 uses in the corners. While I was at it I figured some personalization needed to happen so I could use this to fit all 4 sides, so I've also added a design with zip-tie holes so that you can route the wires from the Y motor and switch along the gusset allowing more slack in the wire's leading to the mainboard so that I can raise it up higher allowing more room for additional Z bracing to come. I've also added some versions with the text as well just because I could. :) I do plan on creating a design with a cable chain mount as well, once I figure out which chain design I want to use. Edit 03-31-17 - just added some photos to show that the zip-tie's fit perfectly, and work great! Print Settings Printer: Anet A2 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 40% Notes: I printed mine using PLA+ @220 for the HE. and 55 for the bed lined with buildtak. I do recommend support's touching the build surface so the tabs that fit into the 2020 slot's have support, the rest should be fine without any. Super stuck, should probably have lowered the bed temp a bit, but they fit absolutely perfect! I did need to ream out the holes for the 2020 side of things to get an M5 to go through easily but the one's I added worked without needing to be resized. Can't wait for the right bolts to show up now so I can actually mount this thing! How I Designed This This thing was made with Tinkercad. Edit it online

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