Tactile Parts of a Circle Model

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This cool model represents the parts of a circle. This model can be very useful when geometry is being taught or other subjects requiring the circle. The Diameter, radius, origin, and also, central angle, arc. and chord are shown on this model with easy to feel ridges. This can be used from Kindergarten (first learning shapes) up to 12 grade ( advanced geometry). This is sure to help anyone who needs it!

I hope that you like my design and that it will be usefull for those who need it! It was fun to challange myself in making this and I hope that you can use it to help.

Print Settings:

Layer Height: 1.5 mm

Speed: 55-65 mm/s

Infill: 50%

Retraction: YES

Supports: NO

Raft: Optional

(The other settings depend in the printer or material being used.)

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