Thing-O-Matic + Sugru + Lego

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Summary I've been a big fan of Sugru for years and I've used it in a variety of projects. Thingiverse is filled with many great hacks and modifications, and I figure I'd throw in my 2 cents. All I did was take some loose Lego pieces I had around, and placed some sugru on the back and stuck it on the front of my TOM. Only the grey pieces are actually affixed to the TOM, the white arches are there to allow for any type of hook I can think of. Currently I have a torex screwdriver on one side, and a pair of small pliers on the other. I drew my inspiration from Instructions Take a packet of sugru. Kneed it until pliable. Place small pieces on the back of a lego brick. Press firmly onto the spot you'd like to fix it to. Enjoy. The stl file included is only there because a non image needed to be attached. I drew up a very quick model in tinkercad, please ignore its existence.

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