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UPDATE 13/04/17:

STL's updated to the newest version, 2nd prototype was the charm, printed and working pretty well for a concept idea

This is a cool pocket Braille finder that has a neat internal mechanicsm and tactile feel

By turning the wheel, the Braille pins will either lower or raise representing the correct Alpha - Braille Translation

This is truely pocket sized, measuring in at only 70mm x 63mm x 8mm

It has been designed to be carried around for quicke reference, it could also be used by schools to teach the alphabet

I'm currently printing this on my Formlabs Form 2, and this has specifically been designed for SLA printing due to small size and tight tolerances

The Braille on this device follows the standard hole spacing used the world over

If you are going to attempt to FDM print this, you may want to scale it up for better results (your hole spacing wont be correct however)

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Braille Finder Case bottom.stl
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Braille Finder Case Top.stl
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Braille pin v3.stl
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BrailLe Wheel.stl
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