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Summary Real men shave with a razor holder they print themselves. Sorry Gillette. It works - the picture is of me having just shaved half my face with it. Instructions Needed: To print: top, bottom and handle prints m3 nut and screw. Print the 3 STL files on your favorite open-source 3-D printer. Place an m3 nut in the nut trap in the handle. Place a double edge blade on the top piece as shown in the picture in red. Then place the bottom on it and squeeze - the metal blade will bend slightly. This needs to happen to angle the blade so it is good for shaving. Push the m3 screw through the sandwich of the top, blade, and bottom - and then screw it on to the handle. You have now just made yourself a safety razor that retails between $20-80 online. If you never shaved with a safety razor before - ask your grandpa how to do it or read the Art of Manliness or Life Hacker or watch a demo on Youtube Economics: A 10 pack of Merkur Double Edge Platinum Blades cost about $5 - or 28 cents per blade on Amazon. The plastic for the print and the left over m3s you have from building your RepRap are basically free. A normal guy might go through one double blade every two weeks if you switch the side you are using. So blade costs for safety razor shaving is about $7/year. Gillette cartridges are around $10 per cartridge. The website puts the cost of shaving using drugstore blades at $300/year. In fairness, Fortune reports that Gillette says they last 5 weeks, which only puts costs of just the cartridges at about $104/year instead of $300. You can judge for yourself based on your own blade life. So if we use Real Men's numbers and assume men start shaving at 10-15 years of age and live to about 75-80 - you can estimate about 65 years of shaving - which would save you about $19,000. Not bad. Improvements: I noticed that cut hair tends to get trapped in the ridges in between layers � so this is yet another reason to improve open-source 3-D printer resolution. I just made this so I don't know how often you need to print new components. The printed razor holder is obviously much lighter than the traditional steel variety- I actually like this, but you might want to mess around with fill settings or design to get something you like. The OpenSCAD files are included. They are a bit crude and not quite parametric - apologies. This is a start at what could be a really good replacement product. Next version - put the tabs on the bottom, then can thin the top and make it curved for a closer shave. You can get the same effect with the curved top but this is hard to print. I would love if someone hacked this and made a women's razor.

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