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"Having long ago learned the secrets of inter-branar travel, the race of Mystics known as the Dividaki have since proliferated into the Multiverse. Covered in short fur and with long snouts and tails, the Dividaki are gifted with a strange ability to detect and gauge magical energies through their sense of touch. Most of the Dividaki found in Nexus City are refugees from the Tartaran Empire."

The Dividaki were created by Ben Toomey, a designer for Ill Gotten Games, for our "Multiverse" shared fiction setting(s). Mad props to Ben.

Original artwork by the amazingly talented Austen Zaleski. Check him out here:

Annnd here:

Model was designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD:

Printed in PLA at 210 degrees (thank you, Perry and Daid) with 10% infill and two shells. The model was assembled with superglue and painted with water-based acrylics.

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