Open Source Racking for Solar Cell Modules


Summary Combine bolts and wire along with 3-D printable brackets to radically reduce the cost of solar cell racking. Solar photovoltaic costs have dropped so much that now the racking costs more than the solar panels for small systems. To fix that we made a 3-D printable racking design that slashes the costs 80%. The X-wire racking system is made up of corner brackets and crossing steel cables .The brackets are designed in OpenSCAD and can be customized. The prototype X-wire rack was fabricated using a RepRap 3-D printer in PLA (as shown in images) and stabilized using a steel threaded rod. brackets could couple the rod and bracket into a single component. For the full BOM and details about the system and testing see for ground mounted systems for development and for roof mounted systems. For project page see Appropedia and for all OpenSCAD files Print Settings Printer Brand: RepRap Printer: MOST delta Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 300 Infill: 100% Notes: For the full BOM and details see the papers linked above- Print at 100% in fill for mechanical strength. If using PLA it must be coated/painted to prevent breakdown.

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