Abstract reality - lamp (with sources)


Summary Thanks to LeFabShop for this nice idea. I made reverse engineering, with my own sizes and other e27 lamp socket. Also I used a bit thicker walls for warm color of lighting (; I used e27 socket with M10 screw, like this (ebay) In files, I published SolidWorks project where you can change any parameters of this lamp. You can set your own socket, you can change width or length of lamp. Anything what you can imagine (; Print Settings Printer: Re-D-Bot Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 mm Infill: 30% Some pictures to help you understand project file Customizable lamp holder. Also you can hide this and add your own variant. I added two planes, for more ease print. With this little hack, you no need to use supports, they will printed as bridges. After print, just make holes in this planes (0.3mm width) If you want change thickness of walls, you can change it here.

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