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Summary Made this tablet holder for a Samsung 10.1 " in 6 mm MDF, now I transformed int to 3d 6 mm plastic instead (hope it works) haw not had a chance to print it yet, I know it works in MDF so it should so in plastic to I think. If any try to print it out please show and tell how it went . Had to make some changes do to the fact that it did not fit the printer table, divided it in to parts, might have to glue it together. Instructions You need 2 of "Tablet_Holder_Leg_01_6_mm" 1 of "Tablet_Holder_Leg_Middle_6_mm_for_2_parts And 2 of "Tablet_Holder_Transverse_6_mm_Right" And 2 of "Tablet_Holder_Transverse_6_mm_Left" If you have a long print table (300 mm) then you can use this (And 2 of "Tablet_Holder_Transverse_6_mm")

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