Card deck shuffler


This card shuffler is designed for a set of official poker card size cards (smaller size cards would work too).

This design can be printed on FFF & SLA style printers with a build volume of 130 x 130 x 130 mm.

UPDATE: August-21-2017 After recieving feedback from a couple testers, I made a version 2. The shuffler now has:

  • Increased max card size
  • A feet under the card holder for stability
  • Clips to hold the roller in place (Some people had it working without the clips)

However, there are still some things left to do:

  • Make a better connection between the stops and the bottoms

I Love to hear feedback from you!

UPDATE: July-5-2017 I have been improving the design, i decreased the angle of the rollers and adjusted some tolerances. I would love to have it tested by someone other than me. If you would like to help me, please leave a message!

To assemble the shuffler you will need: 

1x = M4x16 bolt 

1x = M4x40 bolt 

2x = M4 nuts 

4x = O-ring (you can also use a rubber band, or a hot glue gun) for gripping to the 3d printed surface

Design Files

File Size

54.2 KB
Left Bottom.stl
109 KB
Left Holder.stl
31.3 KB
Left Roll.stl
330 KB
Left Stop.stl
230 KB
Right Bottom.stl
138 KB
Right Holder.stl
31.3 KB
Right Roll (with handle).stl
350 KB
Right Stop.stl
230 KB
Roll clips.stl
20.1 KB
24.9 KB


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