Walabot FX - Guitar Effect Control

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What would it be like to control musical expression using nothing but the position of your guitar in 3D space? Well, let's prototype something and find out!

The Basic Idea

I wanted to be able to control 3 effect parameter in real time, I wanted to do this using how I positioned my guitar. So one thing was clear, I was going to need a few things.

  • A sensor that is able to see 3D space
  • Servos to turn the knobs
  • An LCD display
  • An I2C Servo driver
  • A Raspberry Pi
  • To learn Python

The full project tutorial and instructions can be found here


Design Files

File Size

servo braket.stl
91.5 KB
servo pot adapter.stl
141 KB
black infil.stl
334 KB
red infil.stl
126 KB
Walabot case bottom.stl
157 KB
Walabot case top.stl
452 KB
Walabot stand.stl
245 KB


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