Tudor Rose Testing Piece and Pendant

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I love sculpting Tudor roses and ages ago, I made this piece as a test object for personal use, as you can see from the pictures. Someone requested I upload it, so here you go..

There are 3 variants:


This is about 6.5cm wide and I use this to test "showy" or "posh" filament because the shapes show off colours, metallic content or texture really well. In the example, it is showcasing Proto-pasta's beautiful Glitter-Flake HTPLA.

loubie_tudor_rose_pendant.stl loubie_tudor_rose_chain_bead.stl

I used this to test a resin printer with every intention of getting it cast in gold. Never got around to it:-/ If someone does cast this then let me know - I want:-)


This is a simplified version of the file which I used to do my first mold and cast in polyurethane resin.

It is a good design to test clarity of print an to showcase filament.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

PS Designed in Blender

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