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The target was to create a cupboard from 3d printed part, MDF wood pannel and screw only !!!! cost less of 30 €, and verry robust There are some pictures with how to screw ;-)

Bill of material: MDF 18 mm screw 3.5 X 40 mm wood dimmensions used are top bottom and back 400 X400 mm side 400X 375 mm door 395X 375 mm

but a formula could be used : in my case w=400mm top bottom and back are = w X w side = w X (w-25mm) door = (w-5mm) X (w-25mm)

I suppose max for w= 600 mm without any issue but for higher values it should be tested

I plan to create more furnature with that system .....

Please visit my web site www.3dfazz.com and if you are satisfied of my design a tip to say thanks will be verry appreciate .

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