SR71 Blackbird - Complete. Now With Undercarriage!

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An iconic aircraft from the Cold War redesigned to light your imagination, a seriously cool present for the 3D printing nut. This is a 1/35th scale model of the fastest manned air breathing plane in the world (mach3.1). This accurate 3D printable SR71 Blackbird model  with display stand can be converted into a very cool LED lamp measuring 1 meter long x 480mm wide!

Each part can be printed as long as your printer's build volume is at least 200mm x 200mm x 200mm, with a 0.4mm nozzle.

Full instructions with slicer and printer settings are included in the download. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

I have created STL files that are  optimised for single wall printing (completely hollow) with specially developed 'inside-out' internal supports to generate stiff and economical parts that require no infill, supports or even finishing or clean up steps, just print and assemble beautiful scale models. A single wall is quick to print and the total cost of filament for the entire  build is less than $20 This kit was developed from a 3D model by Chris Shakal, an aeronautics engineer and has been used with his kind permission, he has even printed one of these kits himself.

New Undercarriage Files

I have added a few new files so you can now either print the 'supersonic' display stand or original undercarriage. If you decide to go with the undercarriage, remember to print the parts with infill. I have also arranged the STL files to be upside down and some parts are slightly angled to help to neutralise overhangs and give you a better FFF 3d print result. 

Checkout this video to see one of the engine parts being printed with a single wall: 

Finally, you have the choice of creating a beautiful scale model or taking an extra step to make an LED lamp. The build requires an LED light ribbon set with remote control that can display many colours and light show patterns, blink, fade etc. These are available from most hardware/home improvement stores at around $20.

Other basic supplies also needed for assembly:

- Soldering iron

- Superglue (liquid type)

- Gel glue (e.g. UHU glue)

- Short lengths of thin bell wire or any wire suitable for 12V DC.

- Small plastic electrical terminal blocks/choc blocks. You will need 6 pcs. with 4 connections each.

Wishing you a great build!


Design Files

File Size

SR71 Build Instructions.pdf
2.03 MB
Option 2 Stand Bottom Half.stl
2.22 MB
10 of 11 Engine.stl
3.21 MB
11 of 11 Engine.stl
5.71 MB
9 of 11 Engine.stl
724 KB
8 of 11 Engine.stl
5.18 MB
Option 1 Stand as a Single Print.stl
4.69 MB
Option 2 Stand Top Half.stl
2.5 MB
7 of 11 Engine.stl
3.21 MB
1 of 11 Fuselage.stl
1.39 MB
2 of 11 Fuselage.stl
2.33 MB
3 of 11 Fuselage.stl
2.85 MB
5 of 11 Fuselage.stl
3.41 MB
6 of 11 Engine.stl
724 KB
4 of 11 Fuselage.stl
4.6 MB
LHS Rear Final.stl
2.51 MB
RHS Rear Final.stl
2.48 MB
Front Undercarriage Final part A.stl
4.74 MB
Front Undercarriage Final part B.stl
879 KB


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