Hofner Verythin Deluxe Potentiometer Spacer

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Summary A spacer for the potentiometers of the Hofner Verythin Deluxe. The problem (?): The stock knobs on (at least, my) Verythin were not having the same distance from the body. Some where too high, one was touching the body etc. When I remove the electronics (It's a tough work, as you have to take them out from the f-holes), I noticed that between the pot and the body, Hofner had a grover washer and another one (bigger) screw nut (as a spacer). I remove them and design one spacer, that fits exactly on the stock potentiometers, to replace the screw nut. Also corrected the height, so when installed (with the grover washer on top), the knobs are aligned and not touching the body. I can't guarantee that all Verythin Deluxe have the same shaft/height potentiometers, but that spacer works for me :-) Also it's a 2 minutes print, so it's worth a try. Print Settings Printer Brand: Wanhao Printer: Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No

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