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I am (finally) releasing the files for the FrankenSpider 5.oh  been flying it a few dozen times and generally it's working rather well. 

At the moment it's flight board spacing is for the Tarantula X6 flight board. any other board will likely need to be modified. ( I will be adding adjustable flight board mounts and also likely some brushless motor mounts to make it a completely interchangeable frame)

You will need 8 WLtoys carbon fiber 5.5mm square x 145mm long arms/sticks (originally from the WLtoys v262, also used on v666 , V222 and many others.  Currently I believe the latest model is the V959 that is using it)

There are 2 bodies, the "Simple" and the "AntiVibe"  The simple has nothing on it to hold battery other than the center X star which you'll need to wrap a velcro strap (or what ever you choose) through it to hold the battery to the body.  the Anti Vibe is set up and spaced for the WLToys rather small and light, but extremely effective battery and cam holding anti vibe unit. 

Printing should be done with high shell count (4 rows preferably) and around 50% infill. Any higher just adds weight, any lower seems to make it weak. Exception - the legs should be printed in a clear material! about 20-25% infill with 2-3 shell lines.

I'll be writing and updating installation info on the my blog - LittleQuadcopter

Discussions and questions can be posted here also -RC GROUP _ CONCEPT QUAD

or on Facebook  Tarantula x6 group - Facebook -Tarantula X6 Group

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