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I was inspired by a kickstarter for woodcut art ( ) by artist Gabriel Schama where he made coordinated patterns in 1/8 wood that were then layered to great effect. The process looked a little to me like the layers of a 3D print, so I decided to see if 3D printing could recreated the effect. I started with modeling the shape, only instead of intentional layers I made gradual slopes that the slicer would create layers. Then I cut it thick (low resolution settings) to see how the effect came out.

In my prints it seems even at high resolution the layers aren't noticable to be used for artistic purposes, which is ironic because they layers have always been too high to be considered smooth. It still makes a nice hanging and is something pretty to look at.

More infomration about the making process can be found at http://joes3dworkbench.blogspo...

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