EarthDice Variation 2 - Space Body

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This is a part of the Space Dice series of models, modified for terrestrial  rolling (IE no holes for magnets). With good overhang control these should print well without supports, needing only a little bridging on the bottom. For a fair dice use the same number of top and bottom layers and try to make the walls as thick, and use minimal infill.

This listing is for the the second body type variation, SpaceDice. Included are STLs for 4 numbering types: Arabic, Pips, Roman Numerals, and my own Intergalactic numbers system. See my listings for the other body variations: Prototype, SpaceDice Plus, Diamond Joe, Corners, and Gears. You can find out more about the variations her: http://joes3dworkbench.blogspo...

Choose your favorite or collect them all!

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EarthDice2 Roman.stl
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EarthDice2 Arabic.stl
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EarthDice2 Intergalactic.stl
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EarthDice2 Pips.stl
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