Ozark Trail (WalMart brand) Tumbler / Mug Handle

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Summary This is a handle for the Ozark brand of the "Yeti" style tumblers sold at WalMart. It has an opening in the front so you can put an engraving or stenciling on your mug and still see it. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions. Update 12/29/16 I updated the bridge connector to the handle to make it a little stronger and I think it looks better too. I also added 2 more STL files one with no window and one with Mark Embossed on it. Print Settings Printer: FLSun i3 Supports: Yes Resolution: .3 mm Infill: 20 % Notes: Supports everywhere for the windowed versions and only from bed for those without the window. Post-Printing Depending on your slicer settings, you may have some cleanup to do where the support was. How I Designed This Designed in Fusion 360

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