V2 Walkera Runner 250 Bottom Plate/ Frame & Battery Brace

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This is Version 2 of my Walkera Runner 250 branded lower frame support brace with integrated battery guard. I designed this to give the Runner a lot more strength for the frame. This will greatly help prevent your Runner from cracking in half during a crash. There is a wall inside it to prevent your battery from surging through the body of the Runner ripping off the OSD unit and damaging the camera in a front end crash. As an added bonus it looks very cool and gives your Runner a very unique style. This design is branded with just the Walkera logo and RUNNER 250 on the bottom. I also made the vertical walls about half as thick as they were making this version much lighter than the original. This will mount into existing screw holes on the Runner using the same screws. This will also fit the Advanced version of the Runner 250.


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