ZERO GRAVITY remote control STAR SHIP MODI (functioning)


An  r/c Starship that should actually function in ZERO GRAVITY!

Strongly inspired by the ENTERPRISE from Star Trek, I give to you an impeller driven Star ship made from an old micro dual rotor copter. The impellers give forward thrust as well as turn the ship left/right, while a worm gear assembly controls up/down with a simple rudder set up. designed for a micro copter, but easily scales to fit a larger outdoor model which would allow a more complex turbine design (possibly with reverse thrusters) replace the impellers with compressed gas/air containers with controlled release and you could use the S.S. MODI with a FPV camera in actual space to check exterior of ship/space station reducing the danger of astronauts having to space walk. (Just ask Major Tom!) assembly instructions have been included with the photos, except to tell you to glue the rudder discs to the rudders with holes aligned, and to connect with a long paper clip bent to shape. (copper wire doesn't work very well, buckles easily)   I hope you like it!  demo video of impellers included @   

Design Files

File Size

SS MODI blown apart for parts placement.stl
10.5 MB
impellers and housings.stl
3.59 MB
main nacelles.stl
1.24 MB
9.54 MB
rudders and flip piece.stl
319 KB
saucer_left full_ready 2 print.stl
2.19 MB
saucer_right full_ready 2 print.stl
2.23 MB
worm gear parts.stl
527 KB
594 KB
S.S. MODI all parts (for scaling).stl
19.6 MB


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