Legs for quadcopter frame + ZMR RCX 1804 motors + WS2812B leds

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Summary 20/09/2015: Latest version in file shortCrossLeg.stl. After a lot of crash I found the original design took a long time to break, but still it could be improved a lot. Improvements: Stronger and more durable design Holes for cable ties to reinforce screws Previos comment. This is very cheap way of getting legs for your quadcopter. These are its features: Holes for adding the actual legs with inexpensive tube of 6mm of outside diameter. You can customize its height according to your needs (camera, gimbal or low profile if you don't want to add anything) Hole for adding a WS2812B led: http://www.banggood.com/10Pcs-DC-5V-3MM-x-10MM-WS2812B-SMD-LED-Board-Built-in-IC-WS2812-p-958213.html?p=G508021454809201504F Specific screw holes for ZMR or RCX 1804 2204kv http://bit.ly/1KfGh7O I use it in a KK260 frame, but I am sure it will fit in most of frames. http://www.banggood.com/KK-LED-260-KK260-Multicopter-Mixed-Material-Frame-Kit-p-953846.html?p=G508021454809201504F The screw length without the head for the kk260 is 6 mm. I include several variations. Support me to do more designs and improve them: like it and collect it, so it can get featured by Thingiverse and reach more people. I will also try to prepare the design for Customizer if I see that many people like this design. So far I see that there 20 times more downloads than likes :'-(

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