Mini Monster Truck/Car/Smart With Suspension - REMIX

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Summary I remixed jakejake's Mini Monster Truck With Suspension. I like the idea of the printed suspension, but I wanted more options for the Monster Truck body. I have had success with designing and printing tongue and groove assemblies, so I combined that with jakejake's truck. I made several option bodies and included a blank template for those who want to design their own. I imported jakejake's truck body into Solid Works and cut off the top and added the tongue. The MonsterTruck and MonsterStealth bodies were my design and drawn in Solid Works. My first design was the smart, but I used an image in Inkscape and exported the dxf, so not really my design. The blank has the groove stop set at the right distance to the lines that mark the axle distance. I made plain versions of the Smart and Truck, but I like the swoop lines on the originals. This design reduces the need for support. I printed the support version of the body, but all the tops can be printed without any support. The tongue and grooves have 0.2mm clearance. They fit tightly, but if the edges are sanded, they should slide fairly smoothly. Happy printing! Print Settings Printer: Da Vinci 1.0 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .2 Infill: 20%

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