DIY Warm winter handlebar tubes for fatbikers

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Handlebar tube frames for winter tubes made of polyethylene cell plastics. 

The  insulating keeps your hands warmer in cold weather.

I have used them now for 5 rides and enjoyed warm hands.

You also need some 6 mm polyethylene sheet, 4 pieces 3 mm x 18 mm  screws & nuts and a bit contact glue to complete your tubes.

Printing and building guidance ( see pictures):

You need some skill to put this together. There are some useful hints in the pictures.

The plastics is hold in place on the frame tube with rings  ( see picture) that lock in to ends.

You need to cut the cell plastic sheet on right size  (115 x 91 mm) and glue it to form a ring before installing other parts.

You need 1 holkki3.stl and two of the others for one tube.

There is a removable stand in holkki3.stl that you must remove after printing.

Be careful not tightening too much just that they keep in place.

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