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 made this updated design for my kossel mini - now it's not mini anymore.The instructable and full details can be found here:


Design Files

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delta steel rod holder b2.stl
112 KB
delta Top Corner x3.stl
100 KB
delta spacer.stl
128 KB
delta i o panel.stl
106 KB
delta Bottom Corner x3.stl
197 KB
delta steel rod holder a.stl
29.2 KB
delta rod end.stl
868 KB
delta magnetic effector.stl
1.98 MB
delta feet.stl
147 KB
delta effector_clamp1.stl
144 KB
delta Arm Carriage x3.stl
112 KB
000 delta axis alignment tool.stl
169 KB
delta Arm Carriage Belt Clamp x6.stl
11.2 KB
delta effector_clamp2.stl
202 KB
delta fan holder electronics.stl
157 KB
delta steel rod holder a2.stl
23.3 KB
delta steel rod holder b.stl
28.4 KB


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