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The best way to 3D print a barrel is: 96mm Wide x 100mm Tall Barrel https://pinshape.com/items/383... or a little smaller is: 100mm Tall x 75mm Wide Barrel https://pinshape.com/items/383...

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This is a single stave for building a barrel using 24 staves total ... It's just another learning curve for SolidWorks ... This is another of many entries to the makezine.com/go/makerbot contest ... blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/04/makerbot_giveaway.html Instructions This is a single stave ... Using your CupCake MakerBot Print 24 of these and then rubber band them together into a barrel. Might use some kind of human consumptionable adhesive to glue'em together into a cup. or ... cheat and get the full barrel and just print that and use it for a cup. If you successfully make this with a 3D printer please send me the build-file and machine type so it can be uploaded here for others to use.

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