The Nemesis Star, Destiny Exotic Machine Gun

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"What is the question when the answer is extinction?"

Here is the Nemesis Star, an exotic machine gun from Bungie's hit game Destiny. This prop prints at over 3 feet long and sports a removable ammunition drum, printable ammunition belt, and an opening shroud with hollow scope and full interior details. The model  includes channels for reinforcement, making the machine gun sturdy enough to carry around and cosplay with. If you want to make a big impression, this gun will do it.

 Thanks to Gerry Alden who was kind enough to print and assemble the prototype shown above, making sure everything works properly and letting me know about the tweaks and changes that needed to be made. You can check out more of his work on Facebook in his group 3d Printed Prop Geekfest:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pinshape's individual model uploads are limited to 100mb (too small for all of the little parts), so I had to upload the ammunition belt and ammo drum separately. Never fear, I have included links to download the additional files below, and also an assembly guide with pictures to help builders.

You can download the ammo drum files here: You can download the ammo belt files here: You can download BOTH here (very large file):

You can download the Assembly Guide here:

REVISIONS: If I update any files, I will upload them and leave a comment. 


MODEL SIZE: The assembled machine gun is 1:1 scale to the game, and measures 965mm(38 inches) long

HOW IS IT CUT UP: This model is cut to fit a 200mmx150mmx200mm tall print bed


It was printed on Raise3D N2 in PLA with the following settings:

PLA, 0.2mm layer height, 2 shells, 10% infill (rectilinear pattern) default print speed, 60mm/s, outer shell 40mm/s Support >65 degrees, using 5mm pillars at 15% infill. 3 top dense support layers at 65% infill. Random start point for each layer

ESIMATED PRINT TIME AND FILAMENT USAGE: (will vary depending on your settings)

With .3mm layer height, 10% infill, 2 shells, supports on: 2.4kg filament, 123 hours

ASSEMBLY GUIDE: There is an 8 page assembly guide with pictures, the link is above.

MATERIAL LIST: (The following are not necessary,but recommended)

(1) x 575mm(22.5 inch) length of pipe to fit a 35mm channel (1/2 inch ID PVC pipe will work)

 (1) x 112cm(44 inch) length of rod to fit a 9mm channel (5/16 inch dowel will work) 

(4) x 5mm round by 2mm thick neodymium magnets (if you want the shroud to have a magnetic catch)

I recommend downloading the assembly guide first if you'd like a better idea of how everything works. If you run into problems, comment or message me and I'll see what I can do to help. You can see my other work here:

Thanks for checkin' this out!

Design Files

File Size

1121 NS shroud frame.stl
2.53 MB
1121 NS shroud front.stl
9.4 MB NS barrel fins.stl
2.58 MB NS body a.stl
3.81 MB NS body b.stl
2.48 MB NS body c.stl
34.5 MB NS body d.stl
10.1 MB NS body e.stl
11.5 MB NS body f.stl
5.52 MB NS charge handle.stl
1.94 MB NS shroud rear.stl
4.03 MB NS scope lens inserts.stl
3.1 MB


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