Rocket of the famous reporter Tintin, it consists of 7 rooms(parts,plays) that red and white which come to fit one in the others. Thread 1.75 mm 0.25mm ABS

Design Files

File Size

A000 102 fusee tintin bas blanc.stl
669 KB
A000 103 fusee tintin 1 bas rouge.stl
7.18 MB
A000 104 fusee tintin milieu rouge.stl
766 KB
A000 105 fusee tintin milieu blanc.stl
803 KB
A000 106 fusee tintin haut rouge.stl
932 KB
A000 107 fusee tintin haut blanc.stl
591 KB
A000 108 fusee tintin pointe rouge.stl
372 KB


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