Venom Costume Mouth


Summary I made up this mouth based on my big head. It has holes in the back where the lips meet in order to run string through and then tie it to hold it on. I printed it with raft, supports, and at 10% infill. This design makes it a bit tricky to clean out the supports from the holes. I ended up using a 2 mm drill and trying to get the material out so I could insert the teeth. The teeth were printed with the points down on a raft. I then drilled a couple of holes through the placement for the tongue. (This is one area I could improve since I didn't take into account the curvature of the tongue loft when I made the cut.) So I cut the tongue with some wire cutters in order to get it to fit into the mouth groove. Using screws the tongue is secured in place. Superglue was used to keep the teeth in place.

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