Cl-260 Tuning Printhead / XY-Carrier for LM8LUU

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Summary New Cl-260 printhead carrier for 2xLM8LUU linear ball bearings Much more rigid and more precise than original part Compatible with all E3D V6 and E3D V5 Heatbreaks LM8UU version of the belt tensioner/carrier is available here: Compatible with original fanduct or and all V6 fanducts which are compatible to the original, like the "all-in-one" fanduct. For example (for V6): Volcano-Version: 40mm fan version: Has a second set of M3-holes, which can be used to mount an small direct drive extruder on top of it, to extrude TPU, TPE and other filaments which don't work well in a bowden setup. I'm currently working on such an extruder Also has holes to add inductive sensor, BLTouch etc. like in the picture - you can connect via four 3x16mm Woodscrews. The sample inductive sensor holder STL is for C-Lin PL-08N (works plug&play), bought from Zonestar on Aliexpress -->You need a drill to make tight-enogh holes for the fixing M3 screw(s).<--- (2mm or 2.8mm drill)

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