Cl-260 Ultimaker Ball Pen Holder

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Summary (Video shows elderly version, actual holder fits much better) Made to work with this Tuning-Printhead Distance to bed is ballanced that you can use it with E3D v5 without removing the hotend or the holder each time You need a usual ball pen with a spring inside plus a rubber band and 6 woodscrews I've added a few sample STL which can be sliced with a usual Slicer For printing with it with Simplify3D scale height of the STLs to 0.6mm, activate vertical lift (3mm etc.) in the "Extruder Tab" and deactivate "Only retract when crossing open spaces" in the "Advanced" tab. Then play around with layer heights, extrusion width, perimeters/layers and infill to create different patterns, density and resolutions To create a STL from pictograms you can simply use "2D Image to STL converter" Use "0mm base" and ~1mm target height

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