Raspberry Pi Zero + Zero4U case


Summary Zero4U is a nice USB hub that works with Raspberry Pi Zero. This is an enclosure for both of them. The adjustable camera mount is an option if you need it. Update: UUGear have launched a new version of Zero4U with a different port position. I don't have one. If you want a new enclosure for this new port position. You may send me the measurement. Then I may create a update. Print Settings Printer Brand: CEL Printer: Robox Rafts: No Supports: Yes Notes: You'll need supports for the Zero4U bottom and camera mount bottom. Other parts should print nicely without support. Post-Printing Additional material You'll need 4 x 2.6M screws for the case. Check the photos I attached for the assemble procedure. For the camera mount you'll need 2 x 3M screws.

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