Solidatafy - Global Weapons Trade

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We live in an information society. We are surrounded by data but they are not just numbers, they have a real impact on society. SOLIDATAFY is the crystallization of information in a tactile and wearable form. 

KRONOS PROJECT is a series of elegant rings in which each groove has a meaning, each curvature is a wave that strikes on our consciousness reminding important issues affecting our society.  In this case the shape reflects the global weapons trade in 1960, 1980 and 2015 according to data published by SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute). 

ARE YOU INTERESTED TO HAVE YOUR PERSONALIZED KRONOS RING? For example with the date of birth of the person you love or an important anniversary day? Go to and send me an email! I can create for you the STL file or, through Shapeways, you can order (choosing from a wide variety of materials) and receive the ring directly to your home. 

NOTE Internal diameter is 18mm but you can scale it to perfectly fit your fingers or print it bigger and it can also become a bangle.

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