YiZhan/JJRC X6 body-15º rise arms-anti Vibe Mount


Summary ••Updated March 13th 2016•• New unit is named with "PINNED" in the title. and if you look at the model the front is marked only with a Single letter "F" on the new one. Old one has the word "FRONT" on the face. Also the correct one has no knock outs in the anti vibe arms as it's a good bit shorter.••• Now has centering pins for the FC board and padding to line up easier like the stock Tarantula body does. OK... one more step done. Added a Pre-attached Anti Vibe Plate. Should match right up to the WLtoys V262 style anti vibe balls and lower plate to hold battery and camera. YiZhan/JJRC X6 tarantula studs for FC Board so no grinding out to match the WLtoys setup. Will need angle arms to bring the sticks back to level from the 15º rise. Cut Stock WLToys carbon stick arms.. slide in body, slide in angle bracket.. other 1/2 of stick in bracket then the motor mount. The Anti Vibe DOES have a front/back and sides difference.. reason there is now a marked front. Use the stock balls/balloons from a WLtoys "V" series camera mount as well as the bottom plate. LET ME KNOW IF YOU PRINT ONE! especially if there are issues in lineup and fitting. Got to give credit to all the folks over at the Sketchup forums for all the help getting this done!! Next comes legs....

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