RunCam Swift bracket for the Carbon Hornet 2B

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Summary Actually the Carbon Hornet 2B comes with the FatShark 700TVL tiltable mount. This bracket is for the more popular RunCam Swift fpv camera. It allows a more simple frame assembly too. Pay attention, I think that this bracket will void the frame warranty, because the front fixing screws tighten a 3D printed piece rather than carbon frame. Stay tuned to the site for a possible HS1177/RC Swift bracket approved by Steve Craemer. The v6s version is useful if you want to use the standard back cover, or the HS1177 camera. The V7 version allows less tilted camera angle for those who want to fly slowly or are uncomfortable to fly with strongly angled camera. The V7 allows angles from 20° to 60°, while the V6 goes from 27° to 60°. The V7s is intended for servo tiltable camera. It gives more room for the linkage and allows less tilted camera to help landing, like the V7. You can see an application of servo tilted camera here: Print Settings Printer: Zortrax M200 Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.09 Infill: high

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