Parametric Filament Spool Mk2 with axle support

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Summary I really liked the design of randyy's spool I'm sure the spool works well attached to the clip, but I didn't want to use one of those. I already had a spool holder that holds the spool via a rod, and when I tried using this spool on it, it leaned over to the side. All I did was to add a simple tube that protrudes from the central axle, this gives it the support it needs to remain upright when held by a simple rod. Instructions Print the modified hub, then you'll also want to download the original spool arms from Also, this isn't part of my derivative, but my picture also shows me using the adjustable clips from by smartroad. I do recommend these as it makes the spool much easier to use when you constantly switch filament colors like I do.

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