Nintendo 64 controller, Joystick for thumb button

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Summary This is a joystick for the thumb button on a Nintendo 64 controller. While home for the holidays, my kids dragged out their old Nintendo 64. My wife wanted to play PacMan, but she and I both have issues using the little thumb buttons on the controllers. Now we don't have to... we have a joystick. :) If you get the pins to print smooth, it should snap right together and hold a good, snug fit. You will need two of the joystick halves and two of the pins to assemble the joystick around the thumb button. I created the joystick and customized a connector pin to work using: The settings for the Joystick halves: Layer thickness/height - .18mm (.2 should be fine) Build plate temp 87 Extruder temp 220 50% infill Supports for the internal snap holes and button area. The connector pins were a bit difficult to get to stick because of the size and took a few attempts. Fortunately, they are small, print quickly and use minimal filament. The settings that worked were: Layer thickness/height - .12mm Build plate temp 90 Extruder temp 220 100% infill NO supports NOTE: Plate temps listed are for a glass plate. Print Settings Printer: FlashForge Creator Pro Resolution: .18 Infill: 50%

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