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Summary Fishing rod holder. Holds up to four rods. Counter sunk holes are sized for a standard drywall screw. Hole opening is 4mm, countersink opens up to 8.8mm. You need one base where the rod bases sit and one clip. I have a large and small version of each. The STL files with large in the title were the original design and work great. If you have larger tackle, you may want to use the large. They have a depth of 64-70mm. They take longer to print and use more material. After printing the large, I decided that they could be designed more efficiently so I created the new small version. The small version has a depth of about 40mm so the rods hold tighter to the wall. They print much faster and use less material. If you have light - ultra light tackle (as I do), these will work much better. One version of the base has a small fish imprinted on the front of it. I posted a second version without the fish in case you prefer not to have it. Images have been added showing the two sizes side by side for comparison. Print Settings Printer: FlashForge Creator Pro Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .20 Infill: 20% Notes: This was designed to print without supports. The tops of the screw openings may sag just a bit but does not look bad or impact the screw clearance. If that bothers you, you should place a single support in the center of the opening.

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