Halloween pumpkin water bottle tote

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Summary This Halloween pumpkin version of my water bottle tote that attaches to your belt loop. It prints in two parts, attached using acetone (nail polish remover). Add a ring from a key ring and a simple carabiner clip. For the one shown, I started printing in orange and then paused once it had completed the flat portion, changed to black filament and resumed the print. NOTE: Not all water bottles are created equally. I found that the bottles from Costco (Kirkland brand) are slightly larger at the base and do not slide in easily. The inner diameter is 67mm (~2.64 inches). You may want to scale the stl file up a percent or two to make it more universal. Print Settings Printer: FlashForge Creator Pro Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: 50% or higher for strength Notes: The base requires no supports. The top portion needs a support or two for the arch where the ring attaches. It can be printed at 15-20% infill but I prefer to go up to at least 50% for added strength. The lower the infill, the more fragile the long shaft will be. . Print the two parts. Wipe the inside opening on the top portion with acetone, and wipe (or dip ) the top of the rod for the lower portion in acetone and press together. Wipe additional acetone on top of and below the two pieces and hold until set. Run ring through the hoop and connect the carabiner clip. Attach top belt and walk around town with hands free water bottles

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