Ancient Egyptian Ankh

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If you'd like to see more watch this video:

This is an Ankh designed after an Ancient Egyptian Artifact. It's basically a golden key shape with some hieroglyphs imprinted into it. I created this in Fusion 360 using the sketch tool to trace the reference image I brought in.

Then I printed it out on my Robo3D R1 printer. I printed it 0.3mm layer height because you don't gain much from smaller layer heights. No supports are needed.

Then my wife sanded the crap out of it to get a smooth finish. Then she primed it, painted it gold using spray paint, then used a wash to darken the cracks of the hieroglyphs.

Print Settings: Printer: Robo 3D R1 Filament: Hatchbox PLA Layer Height: 0.3mm Infill: 15% Supports: No Raft: No

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