Rick & Morty Portal Gun

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I made this design for my Halloween costume this year and it's been receiving a lot of positive feedback! I was told to submit this  here by internet friends! :)

The design is pretty easy to follow, all the parts fit together nicely and some glue is required.

Here is a simple step by step guide:

Step1: Print off all the parts! Recommend settings: Use 0.1mm and 10% infill(or whatever you feel comfortable using) to keep the curves smooth and the model light(less important). There are quite a few curves in this print so 0.1mm layer height is highly recommended. Infill is more up to you! Print at normal/slow speeds on your printer for good results.

Step2: Glue Body Part 1 and 2 together using the pegs to fix it in place to create a nice smooth transition. I used Gorilla Glue so it was strong.

Step3: Use 10mm Green LEDs (Make sure the voltage matchs up with the batteries you buy.) and push them into the LED holder and then push the '10mmLED' into the end of it. Now use a hot glue gun to attach it to the Body. (See photo.)

Step4: Use a very simple button LED setup, and glue in a battery pack to the Body, making sure you have clearance. I just glued my button to a clicker. If you don't know how to wire this up I'd recommend buying a breadboard, jumper cables and some LEDs to practise and learn. It's very simple and a great first learning project. For mine I wired up the top 'Bulb' part to the battery before the button so it way always on, and then when you clicked the button it the front lights would come on. You can set this up however you want, so you can make all the lights come on with the button if you wanted.

Step5: Glue 'LCD_Mod' to the top 'TopCover' and then pull the LED through the top hole for the bulb and then either screw using M3 6mm screws or glue the top cover on. Screws are more useful if you need to get back inside.

Step6: Glue Bulb on the top. Add a decal for the 'C137' display, I used photo paper to make it shiny. Link to image: http://imgur.com/a/bYi2g

Step7: wubba lubba dub dub!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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