Water Powered Flashlight, Medelis Battery (free energy)

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I'll Show You - How deliver electric power in alternative ways... Free Geen Energy without poison or toxins I named this MEDELIS BATTERY This battery generates electric power out of Tap Water (drinking water, river,lake,rain or any similar liquid)... its small, powerful and super basic MEDELIS BATTERY rechargeable & generates electricity until the water dries up... for many hours or days (you can always refill water - make it work again)

To make MEDELIS BATTERY you will need some stuff Copper Wire, Magnesium Ribbon & Textil..(something so can absorb water)

Enjoy this hidden technology & make life easier For more info visit... http://medelis.se/om.html

Magnesium ribbon you can buy from hare... https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20160927080946&SearchText=magnesium+ribbon

The reason why my project is being conducted is for a way for people to create their own batteries, and have alternate sources of energy. By finding new ways to make and power batteries, they can improve and become much more efficient than before...

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