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Summary Experimenting with where to put my ink spool. Sits on Micro 3D printer top edge pretty well. Needs something to hold spool on. Drop leg needs to be about 1/4" longer. All pieces are in this one file, I broke the pieces up to print. Print Settings Printer: Micro 3D Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes Resolution: 250 microns Infill: hollow thick walls Notes: I did this in 2 prints because of the size. I used model on model support for the stick, and regular support for the barrel/clip parts. I would use a raft for at least the barrel part. I didn't use the stick because the clip works fine. I used a medium print. Post-Printing I used electric tape to keep it on. I'm thinking this will be good for the Tough ink, because it's bendy. But I'm running out of the regular hard ink, and it gets really tight around the middle of the spool making it tough to unravel. I don't know why it keeps posting twisted. Tilt your head to the left.

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