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Summary Struggling to get your computer monitor at just the right height? Sick of using old books to get it there? Well now you can start reading those books again, right after you print out a Mighty Stand. It will even clear up some desk space! The Mighty Stand is the only rugged and customizable 3D printed monitor stand you'll ever need. The base stands at a standard 40 mm tall and is 190 mm by 140 mm (7.5 by 5.5 inches) on top. The overall size of the stand is 210 mm by 160 mm (8.25 by 6.3 inches). --I have uploaded a smaller version (190 mm by 160 mm) just in case you need it a little smaller. --I have also uploaded a split version of the base to make printing possible on smaller printers. This version is two pieces that are 160 mm by 110 mm. There are three sizes of blocks you can use to customize the height to your liking: 40 mm, 20 mm, and 10 mm. I have added in support material into the model to save some time and effort for printing. There are also feet included to cap off the bottom slots of the stand to ensure a solid base. You can choose between a smaller square cap for small heights and a round cap for taller heights. They have slits so they can be removed with a flat screwdriver if the fit is too tight. I would recommend measuring the height you'd like then printing everything you need and assembling last just in case some of the blocks are too hard to get apart. If the fits seem a bit too tight I would just cut off a little bit of the male extrusion piece until it has a snug fit. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING HAS A SNUG FIT BEFORE YOU USE YOUR STAND. I designed it so it should all fit fairly well, but as you know every printer has different tolerances. If the pieces fit loosely you can put your monitor at risk. I also used a microfiber cloth between the stand and monitor base to prevent slipping. Print Settings Printer: FlexMendel Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 300 microns Infill: 30% Notes: Printed with 5 perimeters, 3 solid top/bottom layers, and 30% infill (AT A MINIMUM). Print time is about 6 hours at 60 mm/s for the base. Depending on how many blocks you print it may take anywhere from 1-5 hours of additional print time.

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