DSLR GoPro Style Mount


Summary Since there are no large tripods for GoPros like there are for cameras, I thought of making a mount for a GoPro that has a hole that the screw can fit through and the use a bolt or something on the other end to hold the screw in place. However, since there are so many GoPro attachments and mounts, I figured why not make a mount for a DLSR camera (or anything that has the same connecting screw) that allows you to use any of the GoPro mounts/holders that are out there! The file for this version is titled "DSLR GoPro Style Mount_2". UPDATE 9/20/16: I have added in new files that end in "_updated" that have a few edits. They have a larger chamfer on the hole to be the same angle as the screws to allow better countersinking. Plus on the first file, it now has the hex slot to fit/hold the hex nut for the GoPro mount. UPDATE 9/21/16: I tried printing out the second file to mount my dslr to a GoPro mount, and realized I miscalculated on how thick to make the base. When I printed it and tried to attach the camera to it, the screw was too long. Therefore I created a spacer to allow you to print it out to and not worry about having to get a washer that fits it properly.

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