The Cube Deck Box - Top Loader, 60+20+20 For Force of Will


I was inspired to design this after my friend had me make the first deck box I designed for him. Intended to look somewhat like a companion cube. I had this in my Mazuir Ross Etsy store for a long time and didn't get any complaints from my customers, only compliments. I then thought I would transfer it to my licensed Maz and Attero Etsy store. However, I felt the design was bulky, so I took it down and never added it to Maz and Attero store. I am now posting it here in case someone might find interest in the design.

Holds one top loader in front facing card slot, one standard sleeved card each in right, left, and back card slots. Interior holds 60+20+20 standard sleeved trading cards. Designed for a Force of Will player's deck.

Print lid upside down and base right side up. Run slow till second bridge and then return to desired print speed.

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